Better you than me

Stop tweeting about yourself

In a recent “Dilbert” cartoon, Dilbert and Wally beg their pointy-haired boss to keep them constantly updated on all his daily activities via Twitter.

Better you than me

It’s all about you Writing about yourself reduces followers and sharing. Write about your readers instead. Image by frank mckenna

“We find you fascinating,” Wally says. “Oh, yes. Every little thing you do is interesting.”

Fast forward to the last frame, where Wally and Dilbert are sitting with their feet up in the conference room, drinking coffee and checking Twitter on their mobile phones.

So … what’s the best length for effective blog posts?“Where’s idiot boy now?” Wally asks.

“In the parking lot,” Dilbert answers. “No need to look busy yet.”

Do you really think your social media followers find every little thing you do fascinating?

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“Want more followers? Stop talking about yourself.”
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