November 19, 2017

Pass the 1-2-3-4 test

Put the hot stuff up top for mobile web writing

Think of it as the new 80/20 rule.

Reach mobile visitors

Top it all off To reach mobile visitors, get the gist of your message across in the first four elements of your webpage. Image by Nina Strehl

According to a Nielsen Norman Group eyetracking study, web visitors spend:

  • 80% of their time on a webpage above the fold, aka on the first screen
  • 20% of their time on a webpage below the fold

This finding echoes ClickTale’s scrolling research, which shows that visitors:…..

Don’t blow your top on mobile >>>

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“The phrase ‘mobile usability’ is pretty much an oxymoron.”
— Jakob Nielsen, “king of usability”

Get the word out on the small screen

How to write for mobile readers

What’s annoying on a desktop can be overwhelming on a smartphone.

Writing For the Web and Mobile

Work the phone Learn to reach readers on the small screen. Image by Nadine Shaabana

In fact, there are 335 obstacles to reading on the small screen, according to the Nielsen Norman Group’s eyetracking research.

At Writing For the Web and Mobile — our two-day digital-writing master class on Dec. 11-12 in Miami — you’ll learn to get the word out on the small screen:

Specifically, you’ll learn how to:

  • Pass the 1-2-3-4 test. Make sure mobile visitors can get your key messages from just 4 key elements on your webpage.
  • Cut the type of material that makes mobile visitors “visibly angry” with our red-pen, yellow-highlighter test.
  • Stop publishing a common story form that’s virtually unusable on a smartphone.
  • Get mobile visitors past the first screen with two simple tricks.
  • Get read on an iPad with our proven-in-the-lab tablet writing tips.

Last chance to attend our Writing for the Web and Mobile workshop in 2017.

“Ann’s information was relevant and important for success, for writing for device reading. Run, don’t walk to her session.”
— Sandra Knight, corporate communication, Smith Group JJR

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