6 tips for writing lists

People look at 70% of lists they encounter online

Think of your bulleted lists as the celebrities of your blog posts, webpages and other pieces.

6 tips for writing lists

Short list Lists draw readers, increase understanding and get shared — but only if you present them well. Image by Hope House Press

Lists “are to the web reader’s eye what Brad Pitt is to the paparazzi,” say Kara Pernice, Kathryn Whitenton and Jakob Nielsen, the authors of How People Read on the Web. “You just can’t get enough.”

Indeed, according to Pernice et al., web visitors look at 70% of the bulleted lists they encounter.

Why lists?

Here’s a short list of reasons to write lists. Lists: …

6 ways to make your lists stand out

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“People cannot resist a bulleted list; they are to the web reader’s eye what Brad Pitt is to the paparazzi. You just can’t get enough.”
— Kara Pernice, Kathryn Whitenton and Jakob Nielsen, in How People Read on the Web

From listicles to case studies

Create Content Marketing Pieces That Almost Write Themselves

How would you like to fill in the blanks to your next survey story? Use a simple recipe for your next case study? Get a template that make writing tipsheets a breeze?

From listicles to case studies

Avoid the blank page Get fill-in-the-blanks templates for writing survey stories, tipsheets, case studies and more. Image by Kelly Sikkema

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