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New approach increases reading by 520%

“God is in the structure,” says Richard Preston, author of The Demon in the Freezer.

How to structure a blog post

Try a temple This structure grabs attention, helps readers understand and lets nonreaders get the gist of your blog post. Image by Oskar Vertitics

I agree. Once you’ve nailed your structure, writing becomes almost a matter of filling in the blanks.

For blog posts and many other online pieces, the best structure is not a pyramid. Rather, choose a structure that’s been proven in the lab to:

  • Attract 300% more readers and increase reading by 520% (Groove HQ)
  • Get more social media shares (Reuters Institute)
  • Boost readership, understanding, engagement, interest, satisfaction and more (The Poynter Institute, The Readership Institute, the American Society of News Editors and the Newspaper Association of America)

The temple blueprint

Call it the temple structure:

  • Its pointy top grabs reader attention, tells ’em what you’re going to tell them and gives them context to understand the big picture.
  • Its columns show the parts, making it easier for skimmers to skim and reinforcing key ideas for nonreaders.
  • Its base calls readers to action and leaves a lasting impression. That’s important: Because for readers, remembering is next door to acting.

Use this blueprint

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“Talk as yourself, not about yourself.”
— Dan Zarrella, viral marketing scientist, Hubspot

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How do you triple readership for your blog post? Get people to read 520% more of your story? Increase shares, likes and followers?

Hands on

Hands on Learn to write social media messages that travel the world, instead of staying home on the couch. Image by Corinne Kutz

The research is out there — some good, some bad, some simply ridiculous. We’ve sifted through the best of the best to come up with dozens of proven-in-the-lab best practices for writing social media pieces that travel the globe instead of just staying home on the couch.

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