No more excuses!

How to spot hidden measurement resources

By Angela Sinickas, ABC, Diva of Diagnostics

You may be putting off measuring the effectiveness of your communications for what seem like good reasons:

  • No time.
  • No budget.
  • Lack of research expertise.
  • Lack of management support.
No more excuses!

Excuses, excuses We know, we know. You have no time, budget, expertise or support. Turns out you can still measure. Image by Achim Hepp

Here are four ways to overcome these those obstacles.

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“If it don’t make dollars, it don’t make sense. We’re in business to make money, not to get clicks.”
— Dan Zarrella, viral marketing scientist, HubSpot

Become an ROI Rock Star With the Diva of Diagnostics

Learn to measure communication success from Angela Sinickas

When Angela Sinickas judged a communication competition recently, she came across this one-line description of measurable results on one of the entries: “My client sent me a dozen roses.”

Help is on its way!

Help is on its way! Let Angela Sinickas help you spot research resources that might otherwise remain hidden. Image by Martin Deutsch

“Well,” says Angela, ABC, IABC Fellow, and president of Sinickas Communications Inc. “At least she counted the flowers.”

You’ve heard it throughout your career: Quantify bottom-line business results of your communications through measurement, and you’ll:

  • Earn a place at the decision-makers’ table
  • Secure (or elevate) your job, budget and salary
  • Transform yourself from an order taker (“Would you like fries with that blog post, Sir?”) to a respected communication consultant

But measuring communication success beyond clicks and page views is hard, and almost nobody does it well.

Enter Sinickas, the Diva of Diagnostics. She’s been measuring communication success for more years than your social media director has been alive. She’s trained communicators in more countries than I have on my bucket list. She’s earned more Gold Quills than Caitlin Jenner has pairs of shoes.

And on Oct. 12-13, she’ll be teaching Become an ROI Rock Star With the Diva of Diagnostics — a two-day Master Class with Angela Sinickas in Washington, D.C. This is a rare chance to have Angela look over your shoulder and give feedback on your measurement plan.

We expect tickets to this event to sell out fast. If you’d like to be one of 50 lucky communicators to learn to measure your communications like Angela Sinickas does, please register now.

“Those who practice employee communication have long searched for ways to quantify the impact communication has on the bottom line. Angela Sinickas shares concrete, quantifiable communication measurement methodologies that can be implemented immediately and demonstrate the valuable contribution of communication in the workplace.”
— Sue Rehmus, senior manager of communications at Cox Automotive

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