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Features go viral more often, says Reuters Institute

While news stories make up the bulk of the content on three European news sites, most of the most-shared stories are features.

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Share, but not alike Features are more likely to get shared than news stories, according to an analysis of three European news sites. Image by bronwyn quilliam

Or so says Satu Vasantola, Journalist Fellow at Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism.

85% of the articles Helsingin Sanomat publishes are news stories, and just 15% are features. But 34% of the most shared stories were features.

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Go Beyond the Inverted Pyramid

Our old friend the inverted pyramid hasn’t fared well in recent research.

This way

This way Want to reach your reader? Move beyond the traditional news structure. Image by Mario Klingemann

According to new studies by such think tanks as The Readership Institute and The Poynter Institute, inverted pyramids: 1) Reduce readership and understanding; 2) Fail to make readers care about the information; and 3) Don’t draw readers across the jump. In short, researchers say, inverted pyramids “do not work well with readers.”

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  • Five ways to avoid the “muddle in the middle”
  • A three-step test for ending with a bang

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