Secrets for successful subheads

Keep readers reading, skimmers scanning

What if I told you there was a magic wand that kept readers reading and skimmers scanning — even after their attention begins to wane?

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Heads up on subheads Subheads can communicate your key messages even to nonreaders. Image by Monik Markus

Friends, there is such a tool, and it’s called a subhead. Problem is, most communicators leave this essential element out of their messages. Many others write subheads that suck.

So why subheads? And how can you write compelling ones?

Why subheads?

Subheads are those short headings that appear within the body copy. For example, in this piece, “Why subheads?” is a subhead. “Keep readers reading, skimmers scanning” is known as the deck.

Subheads can help you:

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Subheads “act as road signs on a reader’s journey through the text. They give direction and highlight key information and points of interest. If your signals are clear your readers can quickly see what’s most important and what they want to read.”
— Jacqueline Howard, Tuscaloosa City Schools

Reach readers with display copy

Because, too often, that’s all they read

By the time you’ve written your headline, David Ogilvy famously said, you’ve spent 80 cents of your advertising dollar.

Head first image

Head first Your display copy may be the only thing skimmers and scanners read. So how can you write headlines, subheads and other display copy that gets the word out? Image by Helena Perez García

No kidding: Display copy — headlines, decks, subheads, captions, links and so forth — get the most readership of all of the copy we write. So why not put your message where your readers are: in the display copy?

At Catch Your Readers — a two-day writing Master Class on June 28-29 in San Diego — you’ll learn how to get your message across to flippers, skimmers and other nonreaders with display copy.

You’ll find out how make your copy 47% more usable just by adding a few simple elements. You’ll discover how to multiply readership by passing The Palm Test. And you’ll walk away with a tool you can use to get the word out about your key messages — even to those who spend just 10 seconds on your piece.

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Ann’s Catch Your Readers workshop “made me totally rethink the way I write, and I think the info will be top of mind the next time I sit down to write, as well as several years from now.”
— Erin Sikorski, account coordinator, Arketi Group

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