A head for news

Seven ways to polish your traditional headlines

Here’s a quick tip for making more of your news headlines: Make sure you’re telling the story and not just telling about the story.

A head for news

Break the news Tell the story, don’t tell about the story in your news head. Image by Flood G.

Your news headline should communicate the gist of your message. That way, readers can understand your point, even if they don’t read the article.

Instead of telling about the story …… tell the story
Moves and milestonesPhil Smith named product manager, Program Development
Success storiesE-commerce group sells out at Eurocomm trade show
Benefits changes announcedHallmark doubles profit-sharing contribution
New survey tracks industry trendsMore communicators measuring ROI, survey says

Here are seven other steps for making your news headline more compelling:

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“Every good title is a short story.”
— Russell Banks, American writer of fiction and poetry

Heads up on headlines

How to perfect the most important words in your message

By the time you’ve written your headline, David Ogilvy used to say, you’ve spent 80 cents of your communication dollar.

Heads up on headlines

See headlines in a new way Display copy gets the biggest ROI of all the copy you write. Why, then, are so many headlines so lame? Image by Trisha Descallar

Display copy — headlines, decks, subheads, captions, callouts and so forth — get the biggest ROI of all the copy we write.

That’s why I’m often amazed the same folks who spend hours polishing the analogy in the 12th paragraph toss off a headline in the 17 seconds before happy hour on a Friday evening. Most of your readers will never see the 12th paragraph of your brilliant copy. But many more will read your display copy.

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“Great step-by-step instructions on how to do it right.”
— Stacy Mayo, assistant account executive, Rhea + Kaiser

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