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2016 issues

Conduct a sound check

Read your copy aloud

Dec. 27, 2016

Write cliff-hangers

External transitions move readers from section to section

Dec. 20, 2016

If I’ve told you once …

The deck should expand on the headline, not repeat it

Dec. 13, 2016

Tell your process story

‘How we make it’ can be a compelling narrative

Dec. 06, 2016

End with a bang

Leave a lasting impression in the kicker

Nov. 29, 2016

Aim for one-syllable words

Churchill was right — short words are best

Nov. 22, 2016

Metaphor at work

6 reasons analogy is more persuasive than literal language

Nov. 15, 2016

Get the words out

Write tight sentences, like the Times

Nov. 08, 2016

Six secrets of persuasion

Robert Cialdini shares his principles of influence

Nov. 01, 2016

Turn programs into people

Bring stories to life with human interest

Oct. 25, 2016

‘Say Goodbye to the 60-hour Work Week’

Steal techniques from this great WIIFM copy

Oct. 18, 2016

Made you look

Captions get 16% more readership than text

Oct. 11, 2016

No more excuses!

How to spot hidden measurement resources

Oct. 04, 2016

Top 10 measurement mistakes

How to avoid these research problems

Sept. 27, 2016

Start making sense

Convince reviewers to abandon jargon

Sept. 20, 2016

Here & there, now & then

3 ways to measure how your message changed behavior

Sept. 13, 2016

Take me to your reader

How to write tweets that go viral

Sept. 06, 2016

Thank you for sharing

Features go viral more often, says Reuters Institute

Aug. 30, 2016

The Goldilocks Conundrum

Write links that aren’t too short or too long

Aug. 23, 2016

Make it F-A-B

Translate features to advantages to benefits

Aug. 16, 2016

No budget? No problem!

How to measure with little time and money

Aug. 09, 2016

Top 10 reasons to write listicles

They’re the most shared type of content

Aug. 02, 2016

When the boss is wrong about measurement

Slip the measures he needs in with the ones he wants

July 26, 2016

7 tips for tipsheets

How to write how-to articles

July 19, 2016

Five reasons not to measure

Don’t try measurement – unless you want to prove your value to the organization

July 12, 2016

One more thing that’ll kill you

Screen reading causes nausea, eyestrain, more

July 05, 2016

Avoid creative incest

Don’t model executive quotes on executive quotes

June 28, 2016

Lead on

Write better release openers

June 21, 2016

Does not compute

16% of adults are technologically illiterate

June 14, 2016

Think like a reporter

Make your release relevant to the reader

June 07, 2016

Secrets for successful subheads

Keep readers reading, skimmers scanning

May 31, 2016

Snowed under

Journalists — more overworked, still underpaid

May 24, 2016

Avoid multisyllabic pileups

Long words are stuffy and hard to read

May 17, 2016

Combat fatigue

Are you using a 150-year-old story format?

May 10, 2016

Extreme Makeover — News release edition

How to find the story within a stodgy bank report

May 3, 2016

Pleading for shorter sentences

Reach the period sooner

April 26, 2016

It’s all about you

Write about the reader, not about us and our stuff

April 19, 2016

Numeracy counts

88% of adults worldwide are incompetent at math

April 12, 2016

Less is more

The longer your piece, the less readers will read

April 05, 2016

Polish your deck

It’s the best-read element on your Web page

March 29, 2016

Start with a bang

Show, don’t just tell, in the lead

March 22, 2016

A world of hurt

Global literacy is falling. What’s a communicator to do?

March 15, 2016

Move from event to impact

Focus news stories on MOI

March 08, 2016

A head for news

Seven ways to polish your traditional headlines

Feb. 29, 2016

Think outside the pyramid

The traditional news structure fails readers

Feb. 22, 2016

Made you look

Want to keep readers reading? Keep paragraphs short

Feb. 16, 2016

Catch a reader

Focus on the reader’s needs, not on ‘us and our stuff’

Feb. 10, 2016

Color me fascinated

Colorful details make a great lead

Feb. 01, 2016

Your brain on description

To the sensory cortex, reading is the same as doing

Jan. 25, 2016

From diddleman to nominatrix

Open readers’ minds by creating your own words

Jan. 19, 2016

Tap the mind-changing magic of metaphor

If crime were a wild beast, we’d be more likely to cage it

Jan. 13, 2016

‘From Tina Turner to Taylor Swift’

Concrete details bring tedious topics to life

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