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2013 issues

Can you read me now?

14% of U.S. adults have below-basic reading skills, says PIAAC 2013

December 2013

Anatomy of a feature

See the structure at work in this financial piece

November 2013

Avoid the ‘muddle in the middle’

The body needs structure, too

October 2013

Anatomy of an anecdote

See story elements at work in this healthcare narrative

September 2013

This list is made for twisting

Wordplay techniques to steal from ‘Kinky Boots’

August 2013

Start with the snake

Find the ‘inciting incident’

July 2013

June writing contest: Now on tap

Try this new format for mobile storytelling

June 2013

May writing contest: One-sentence stories

Can you finish your piece before you reach the period?

May 2013

Dialogue do’s and don’ts

Leave room for the pictures!

April 2013

Features first

WCB-Alberta writer transforms article through story structure

March 2013

Pad prowess

How to write and design for tablets

February 2013

Stroke of editing

In which Ann audaciously takes on Jill Bolte Taylor’s bestseller

January 2013

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