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2012 issues

Lead on

Write better release openers

December 2012

Clicking takes a counterpunch

Communicators slug it out for scrolling

November 2012

Extend your metaphor

Explore the base

October 2012

Spread yourself thin

Self-reference is not retweetable

September 2012

Put people first

Optimize for readers & Google

August 2012

‘I’m so excited’

Executives are in a tizzy over their announcements

July 2012

And … action!

Descriptive verbs paint a picture

June 2012

We are the world

And we’re not very literate, according to an OECD study

May 2012

Strength in numbers

STORYtoolz’s facts & figures make copy more readable

April 2012

Haiku masters

Readers offer writing tips in 17 syllables

March 2012

Poetry in motion

New York City launches haiku street safety signs

February 2012

Write for the ear

Read your copy aloud

January 2012

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