Why write email that’s easy to skim?

Because only 19% of e-zines get read thoroughly

Email newsletter subscribers skim 69% of the e-zines they receive, according to the Nielsen Norman Group’s latest eyetracking study.

They skim the surface Mobile readers skim email newsletters 74% of the time; they fully read just 24% of the time. Image by Nicole Honeywill

Subscribers in the NNG study:

  1. Thoroughly read just 19% of e-zines
  2. Read the majority of the content of 6%
  3. Glanced at but did not read at all 6%

“They don’t spend much time, and they don’t read full content,” write the researchers. “The dominant approach to newsletter content was to skim.”

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Subscribers skim even more on mobile.

In NNG’s most recent study, mobile newsletter readers reported that they:

  1. Skimmed newsletters 74% of the time
  2. Fully read newsletters 24% of the time
  3. Glance at but don’t read 2% of the time

So which words do they read?

They read the microcontent.

Email newsletter subscribers in NNG eyetracking studies read:

  1. Headlines
  2. The first line or two of the story
  3. Bulleted lists
  4. Links

They often skipped the paragraphs, sometimes because they were scrolling too quickly.

“Scannability is important for websites, writes NNG principal Jakob Nielsen, but it’s about 50% more important for newsletters.”

So put your message where their eyes are: In the microcontent, or online display copy.

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