Why avoid generic links?

You’re not still writing Click here and Read more, are you?

When it comes to link writing, Click here is so 1996. We’re talking 14.4k modems, a CompuServe account and the Spice Girls singing “Wannabe” on your portable electronic device, aka a Sony Discman.

Why avoid generic links?

1996 called; it wants its links back Remember Dolly the sheep, the first cloned mammal? Your Click here link does. Image by Rod Long

Remember Dolly the sheep, the first cloned mammal? Your Click here link does.

Besides being dated, what’s wrong with links like Click here, Read more and Get Started?

These generic links:

Avoid 7 problems with weakest links >>>

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“Well-crafted links not only connect. They also inform, guide, highlight, and create context.”
— Amy Gahran, media consultant and content strategist

How to Write Links & More

Reach skimmers and nonreaders with microcontent

Web visitors don’t read. They skim.

Writing For the Web and Mobile

Skim the surface Learn to write online display copy for surfers as well as divers. Image by Michael Henry

Make sure skimmers get the gist of your webpage with microcontent that gets the word out.

At Writing For the Web and Mobile — our two-day digital-writing master class on Dec. 11-12 in Miami — you’ll learn to:

  • Steal 4 tricks from the BBC for writing world-class web headlines.
  • Get the word out with bulleted lists with our 6-step list-writing makeover.
  • Stop writing the most common type of link. It reduces skimming, clicking and accessibility.
  • Pass the Goldilocks test. Make sure your links aren’t too long or too short.
  • Bust the myth of page view time. Help readers understand better, remember longer and enjoy your webpage more in half the time.

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