Try imperative voice

Write to and about the reader

They had me at “You’ll save 80 hours a year.”

Write with the imperative voice

Save time, avoid effort Envoy, the grocery delivery company, promised to save me 80 hours of grocery shopping a year. Image by Patrick Fore

Envoy, a grocery delivery company, does a great job of focusing on the benefits of its service:

You’ll save 80 hours a year.

Or more. It’s amazing how all those lost weekend afternoons and “oh no, I’m out of something” trips add up.

With Envoy, you’re on your way to a new world. Where you’ll have the freedom to get more done. To focus on what matters more. Or to simply relax and enjoy a well-deserved break.

But why “You’ll save 80 hours a year”? Why not just “Save 80 hours a year”?

That’s the imperative voice. And it’s a power tool of benefits writing.

Why choose the imperative voice?


Use the ‘invitation’ voice >>>

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