Avoid fake benefits

‘Pat yourself on the back for choosing us’

“Clean your face,” demands a hotel soap wrapper. No, YOU clean YOUR face! I want to respond.

Avoid fake benefits

‘Clean your face’ is not a benefit How can you tell real benefits from fake ones? Image by Kristina Balić

I’ve been seeing a lot of messages like these: messages Avoid fake benefitsthat sound like benefits but that really are not. Fake benefits.

These fake benefits mirror the structure of benefits messages — Do/this (Save/money) — but not their spirit. Instead, the structure is “Non-benefit-focused verb/feature.”

To move readers to act, avoid these three types of fake benefits….

Three fake benefits to avoid >>>

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“Nobody wants to buy our products; they want to buy the products of our products. They don’t want to buy vitamins; they want to buy health.”
— Nido Qubein, CSP, CPAE, motivational speaker and business consultant

Think Like a Reader

To move people to act, give them what they really want

It’s counterintuitive, but true: The product is never the topic. The program is never the topic. The plan is never the topic. The topic is never the topic. The reader is always the topic.

Catch Your Readers

Would you like your treat now … or later? To reach your audience, give them what they want — not what you wish they wanted. Image by Pete Bellis

Indeed, the secret to reaching readers is to position your messages in your audience’s best interests. (Most communicators position their messages in their organization’s best interests. Which is fine, as long as you’re talking to yourself.)

But at Catch Your Readers our two-day persuasive-writing master class on Nov. 16-17 in Kansas City — you’ll learn a four-step process for moving readers to act by giving them what they really want.

Specifically, you’ll learn how to:

  • Take advantage of the formula readers use to determine which messages to pay attention to (and which to toss).
  • Tap two rewards of reading you can use to boost audience interest in your message.
  • Answer the No. 1 question your reader is asking, regardless of your topic, medium or channel.
  • Make a two-minute perspective shift to focus your message on the value to readers — not on “us and our stuff.”
  • Use a three-letter word that magically makes your message more relevant to your readers.

Last chance to save $100: Get your early bird ticket by Oct. 16.

“Ann’s knowledge, experience, research and talent can help any writer tangibly improve. She delivers it all dynamically and gives you plenty of useful materials to take with you.”
— Steve McGrath, vice president, Brodeur Partners

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