Make it F-A-B

Translate features to advantages to benefits

Quick! Which would you rather have: Apple’s new incredibly responsive A9X chip? Or the ability to perform complex jobs like editing 4K video quickly and smoothly via your iPad?

Make it F-A-B image

But what can I do with it? Translate messages from features to advantages to benefits. Image by Helena Perez García

And that’s the problem.

Your readers don’t care about your organization and its stuff. They care about themselves and their needs.

So to sell your products, services and ideas, you need to show how your organization and its stuff can fill your readers’ needs. One way to do that: Translate your message from features into advantages into benefits.

Translate from features into advantages into benefits
What it is
What it does
What it will do for you
DefinitionAn attribute of your product, service, program or ideaThe reason the feature is importantWhat the feature will do for you
ExampleThe new iPad Pro features Apple’s new A9X chip.The A9X chip is incredibly responsive.That means you can perform complex jobs like editing 4K video quickly and smoothly on your iPad.
Type of wordNounAdjective or adverbVerb
ProblemPeople don’t buy features — not on chairs, in products and services or in information. So you need to keep translating.People don’t buy advantages, either. So you need to keep translating.People do “buy” benefits, in products, services or information.

So don’t sell me a MacBook Air. Sell me on the time I’ll save with the Air.

The problem is, most readers can’t get from “AX9 chip” to “perform complex jobs like editing 4K video” by themselves. In fact, sales research tells us that some 70% of our readers can’t translate from advantages to benefits without help, says Linda Miller, president of The Marketing Coach.

So don’t rely on your readers to translate. That’s your job.

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— Bojana Fazarinc, former marketing director, Hewlett-Packard

Think Like a Reader

The secret to reaching readers is to position your messages in your audience’s best interests. (Most communicators position their messages in their organization’s best interests.)

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Put the reader first Want to reach your reader? Think like a reader. Image by Helena Perez Garcia

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  • A three-letter word to use to make your message more relevant to your audience

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