7 tips for tipsheets

How to write how-to articles

When the folks at Topolobampo, Chicago’s cathedral to Mexican cuisine, wanted to sell more syrah, they didn’t put signs on the tables saying “Buy wine!” Instead, they provided nifty little tabletop tipsheets on how to pair wine with Mexican food.

Tacos - Think outside the beer

Think outside the beer Want people to drink wine with their tacos? Try a a tipsheet. Image by Masa Assassin

Take a tip from Topolobampo: Instead of always pushing your products, offer your customers news they can use to live their lives better. Tipsheets position your organization as the expert in the field and may drive more sales than purely promotional pieces.

Why tipsheets?

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“Blog like you’re the best trade magazine in your industry.”
— Kipp Bodnar, inbound marketing manager, Hubspot

Offer news you can use

Deliver real value, and watch your reach and influence grow

“Our readers don’t want to read stories,” writes Brian J. O’Conner, editor at Bankrate.com. “What they really want is a big button they can push that says, ‘Solve my problem.’ It’s up to us to be that button.”

Tip jar image: Don't forget to tip

Don’t forget to tip Here’s a tip: Try a tipsheet. Image by leadfoot

Sadly, instead of delivering information that helps readers solve their problems, too many web writers churn out web content that focuses on “us and our stuff.”

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Specifically, you’ll learn how to:

  • Find the right story — and craft the best story angle — for webpages, content marketing pieces and social media status updates.
  • Position your company as the expert in the field and draw readers in with news they can use to live their lives better.
  • Get more likes and shares with stories that better serve your audience.
  • Make sure your status updates are welcome guests, not intrusive pests, by passing the 70-20-10 test.
  • Tap the power of the most-retweeted word in the English language. And avoid the one topic nobody wants to read about.

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