Snowed under

Journalists — more overworked, still underpaid

Call her a preditor.

Elisa Lagos was an Edward R. Murrow and Peabody award-winning TV producer for ABC News. Make that editor. Make that both.

Snowed under

Baby, it’s cold out there Journalists have more to do, fewer folks to get it done. So how can your PR materials help? Image by Jean-François Chénier

Elisa, now a communications associate at World Education Services, attended my 2015 NOT Your Father’s News Release Master Class. There, she shared that she wasn’t alone doing double duty at ABC. In fact, many broadcasters now have two, two, TWO jobs in one.

How are journalists’ jobs changing — and, more important, how can you adapt your PR pieces to these changes?

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“What I really like about a release is when it scratches my reader’s itch and not your client’s itch.”
— A trade journal editor quoted in Public Relations Tactics

Think Like a Reporter

Develop stories that media outlets want to run

Some 55% to 97% of news releases never get picked up, write Dennis L. Wilcox and Lawrence W. Nolte in Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques.

Don't sit, stay

Don’t sit, stay Most releases have no get up and go. Learn to write PR pieces that travel the world, not those that just stay home on the couch. Image by Becky Lai

So how can you write PR pieces that are among the 3% to 45% of those that actually get the word out?

At Not Your Father’s News Release — a two-day PR-writing Master Class on July 27-28 in Portland, Oregon — you’ll learn to develop stories that readers want to read (and that journalists and bloggers want to run). Specifically, you’ll learn how to:

  • Fill in the blanks to a great benefits lead: Sell the story; stand out from the crowd.
  • Move from event to impact: Transform your event, speech or meeting coverage into news readers can use to live their lives better.
  • Create two types of stories media outlets want more of (and avoid one they wish they’d never see again!)
  • Go beyond “new and improved” to information readers really want to know about your products and services.
  • Steal secrets from Silver Anvil winners: What do nationally award-winning PR writers do that you don’t do?

This is the only PR-writing Master Class we’ve scheduled for this year. Don’t miss out on your chance to learn to write PR pieces that reach readers in 2016. Register now.

“One tip I learned from Ann has enhanced the interest of the media at least threefold.”
— Carl Walton, spokesman, U.S. Postal Service

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